22 Feb 19

    Friday's Blues & OSI MARTINEZ & JAVI SUAREZ

    Friday 22 February, 18.00 h: Classic roots blues with:
    Osi Martinez, harmonica, voice. Javi Suárez, guitar, voice


    After the success of his previous visit to MEAM Osi Martínez and Javi Suárez are back with us again.

    Both are two regular musicians of the blues circuit of Madrid, who play classic blues, distilling the essence of the great bluesmen, although some theme played in Spanish can be dropped in their performances. This association wastes vitality, energy and virtuosity.

    Osi Martínez is a harmonica player with a long career in the national blues scene. His beginnings are in the nineties with the mythical band Chocolate Blues Express. For more than two decades he has shared the stage with Fede Aguado, all this alternating with other blues groups such as Manzanares Delta, Bloodhound, Malcolm Scarpa and a long etcetera. To his credit he has collaborations both in studio and live with groups of other styles such as Ska-P, Porretas, Mondragón Orchestra ... etc ..

    Javi Suárez belongs to the young generations of blues musicians who have as a standard a devastating freshness, energy in abundance and knowledge and rigorous fidelity to the roots of the blues. At the moment he leads the band the Disfrutones, that combine the blues and the funky one in a trepidante mixture. In the duo format, he was joined by another harmonicist, Iván Harpillo, who formed both of the "Duolian String Pickers".

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