• Friday's Blues & ROOM 69
    18 Jan 19

    Friday's Blues & ROOM 69

    Friday 18 January, 18.00 h: Blues, country & swing with:
    ROOM 69
    Julio Vallejo, voice and guitar. Jaime del Blanco, violin. Daniel Nunes, double bass. Olivier Rocque, box and plate


    Room 69 is the name of a band that brings together the best of blues, country and swing.

    If we close our eyes we can identify the warm voice and guitar of Julio Vallejo, alma mater of this group, the virtuoso violin of Jaime del Blanco, the spectacularity and solidity of the bass player Daniel Nunes and the experience, the swing and the joy of the drummer Olivier Rocque.

    Among the dusty roads of some border area in America you will find a motel with one room, ROOM 69. Come in and enjoy the show.

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