• The violin from the Baroque to the XXI century
    14 Jul 18

    The violin from the Baroque to the XXI century

    MEAM is one of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in Barcelona. Every Saturday night you can experience excellent performances of classic music in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with a unique ambiance.

    The Saturday evening concerts in MEAM are held in exceptionally beautiful Renaissance buildings, the Palau Gomis.

    Services included

    • Admission to the clasical concert
    • Admission to the museum; we recommend planning about 1.5 hours for this
    • Drinks (coffee, tea, biscuits)

    Times and fees

    • Each concert starts at 18.00. We recommen to be there 1.5 hours earlier to visit the museum.
    • Normal Admission: €19.00
    • Children until 9 years: €14.00


    Ala Voronkova, Sara Rojo, duo violins

    "The violin from the Baroque to the XXI century"

    Program: Works of Josep Pla, Mozart, Leclair..

    Josep Pla
    [c. 1728-1762] Sonata nº 4 per a dos violins

    Allegro maestoso



    Jean-Marie Leclair [1697-1764] Sonata nº 3




    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1756-1791]

    Allegro maestoso

    Charles-Auguste de Bériot [1802-1870] Duet concertant op.57


    Adagio moderado

    Allegro con spirito

    Henryk Wieniawski [1835-1880]


    Reinhold Glière [1875-1956]

    Dos dúos, op.49

    Domènec Gonzàlez de la Rubia

    Brioso [dedicada al dúo Voronkova-Rojo]

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