• Lied Jams
    23 Jun 18

    Lied Jams

    In a return to the origins of the Lied, Jams de Lied are organized periodically, sessions that take place in different areas of the city and where the initial spirit of this genre is claimed, more spontaneous and informal, but above all, closer .

    During these Jams, the intention is to recover this community and creation environment, where artists meet in "incognito duets", a kind of blind date to make music spontaneously between singers and pianists. Giving surprising results, as happens with other musical genres, in a space open to everyone, both artists and music lovers.

    This Jam de Lied, which will take place in the Palau Gomis of the MEAM as an incomparable setting, is special since we will celebrate that it is the official fixed headquarters of the JAMS DE LIED, with the support of the Victoria de los Ángeles Foundation and the LIFE Victoria Festival .

    We wait for you!

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