• Universal music
    03 Feb 18

    Universal music


    ARTIST: David Hernando, Sandro' Bakhuashvili, duo saxo y piano.

    TITLE: Musica Universal



    Ryota Ishikawa

    Rhapsody onJapanese Folk Songs (saxofón alto y piano)


    Maurice Ravel

    Pavane pour une infante défunte (saxofón tenor y piano)


    Paul Dukas

    Alla Gitana (saxofón altor y piano)


    Aleksandre Bakhuashvili

    Sonata No.2 Op. 14 ”Episodio II” (piano solo) 


    Mario Carro

    Evocación (saxofón alto solo)


    Benjamin Boone

    Joropo Jam* (saxofón alto y piano)


    Barry Cockcroft

    Melbourne Sonata (Go) (saxofón soprano y piano)


    *Estreno absoluto.



    He is musician specialized in the contemporary and classic repertoire of the saxofon. He gave concerts internationally already as a  soloist, as a component of different groups highliting his performancein national halls as the one of the Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid, Auditorio Nacional de Musica, Colegiode Arquitectos de Madrid, Teatro Monimental, Aula de Musica de la UAH, Auditorio de la Universidad Carlos III, Teatro Ateneo, Teatro Real, Auditorio 400 del Reina Sofia, Museo del Romanticismo in Madrid, MUSAE, in festivals specialized as the International Music  of the Stain, Contemporary Music Festival of the Three Singers, COMA Festival, NAK Festival of Navarra or the Veranos de la Villa Music Festival of Madrid, and having equally worked in the international atmosphere in cities as Bolonia, Milán, Cosenza, etc. This had been done through concerts or other activities as can become his participation in the 17th Saxofon Worldwide Congress in Strasbourg. Recently he has been working in the new project of experimental music “HARIA” making numerous concerts nationally also together with the pianist Aleksandre Bakhuashvili in this season. As soloist, his phonographic records cover capital works of contemporary music for his instrument, as can be the Sequenza IXb for Alto saxophone of BERIO, the Rapsody of japanese Folk songs of ISHIKAWA, Blue Balafon of LAUBA or the Mysterious history Morning III of TANADA, apart from the EP Asahi register, with proper works dedicated to the victims of the nuclear Hiroshima catastrophe in 1945. We can count five of his discographic works: Horizontes, Sixth Sense, Romantic Pieces for saxophone and piano plus two discs of the HARIA project. He is an artist of the prestigious brand Légère Reeds (Canadá).


    He initiated his studies at the age 6 in the music conservatory of Tiflis. In 2006 he arrived to Spain entering to the professional music conservatory of Alcalá of Henares. Later on he would end his piano career in the Real Superior Music Conservatory of Madrid. He has received classes from the maestros as: Anselmo de la Campa, Ana Guijarro, Manual Ramírez, Yuri Ananiev, Nino Kereselidze, Aleksander Kandelaki, Dmitri Bashkirov, Alejandro Algarra and Mariana Gurkova. He gave personal concerts at a national and international level, places as: Ateneo de Madrid, Fundacón Siglo Futuro, Teatro Antonio Buero Vallejo, Centro Cultural Ibercaja, Superior Music Conservatory if Tblisi (Georgia), Biblioteca Rafael Alberti, Teatro Cervantes, Biblioteca Municipal Eugenio Trías, Conservatorio Adolfo Salazar, Conciertoin Casa de Austrias, Russian Embassy, Biblioteca Davalos, Ciudad Universitaria, etc. He took part in various international piano and chamber music concerts: Hazen (2008 and 2009).

    International Piano Contest Xávea, Alicante (2013), obtains the first prize of the CEU contest (2016), Young Albacete Pianists Contest (2016), I Virgo City Contest (2017). He started to compose at the age of 14, having up to now more than 60 musical works. His sonata n1 op.11 “Arrabiato” participated in the Santander Pianist Contest, Marcello Botín Foundation (2012).

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