• Katartik Concert | SATURDAY CLASSICS
    24 Feb 24

    Katartik Concert | SATURDAY CLASSICS

    Beyond its spectacular collection of contemporary figurative painting, the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) programs a large number of activities and initiatives. One of them is the classical music series that it programs every Saturday afternoon.

    On this occasion we will have the artists:  

    • Edoardo De Angelis, violin.
    • Anna Barbero Beerwald, piano

    Works by: Purcell, Haendel, Prokofiev, Piazzolla, ...


    "Nothing like music - and art in general - allows us to experience and release emotions,
    providing us with an extraordinary means of expression and purification. Music has the power
    to connect with the deepest and sometimes hidden part of us, and can offer the
    at the same time I console, reflect and heal by releasing repressed emotions and giving us one
    precious moment of beauty and transcendence."

    As in Greek tragedy, the concept of "catharsis" in music is profound and fascinating,
    rooted in philosophy and art theory. In Aristotle's "Poetics", it is mainly used
    to refer to the purifying and cathartic effect of Greek tragedy: he stated that tragedy,
    through the representation of painful and moving events, it allowed viewers to
    release their negative emotions and achieve a kind of emotional purification. In music, the
    Catharsis occurs when the listener experiences an intense emotional connection, experiencing
    feelings of sadness, joy, fear, anger, excitement, etc. The key element is that music
    allows you to express and release these emotions in a safe and protected way. Experiencing states of
    painful and restrictive moods, mediated by the liberating power of music, will allow us to
    undertake a process of purification of the "evils of the soul", wishing to be reborn at the end of the
    concert pure and full of new energies.


    Camille Saint-Saens “Danza Macabra” op.40 (1874) MORTE

    Henry Purcell “Lamento di Didone” (dall’opera “Didone e Enea”) (1680) AFFLIZIONE

    John Williams “Danza dei demoni” (da “Le streghe di Eastwick”) (1987) TORMENTO

    George F. Haendel “Lascia ch’io pianga” (dall’opera “Rinaldo”) (1711) SCONFORTO

    Modest Mussorgsky “Baba Jaga” (da “Quadri di un’esposizione” - 1874) SGOMENTO

    Ezio Bosso “Danza della paura” (da “Io non ho paura” 2002) (trascriz. e arrang. U.Fantini) PAURA

    Sergej Prokofev “Danza dei Cavalieri” (da “Romeo e Giulietta” op75) (1935) CONFLITTO

    Astor Piazzolla “Escualo” (1979) OSSESSIONE

    Astor Piazzolla “Oblivion” (1982) OBLIO

    Marc Lavry “Hora” Danza op.192 (1945) RINASCITA


    • All tickets include access to the exhibitions, to the concert and a complimentary glass of cava.
    • If there are no more tickets available on the website, they can be purchased at the museum box office depending on capacity availability. In this case, it is preferable to book in advance by calling 933195693 or by sending an email to taquillas@meam.es.
    • The locations have a number assigned according to the order of reservations. It will not be possible to make any change of location once the seats are assigned.
    • Access to the concert hall will take place from 5:50 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Once the concert has started, you will not be able to access the room.
    • The exhibition can be visited both before and after the concert, taking into account that the museum closes at 20:00.
    • The tour to the exhibitions lasts approximately 45 minutes.
    • It will be enough to have the voucher or reservation on the mobile and not print it.
    • The museum reserves the right to cancel the unpaid reservation 5 minutes before the start of the concert. For this reason, we recommend showing up at the box office 30 minutes in advance. 
    • In the case of tickets purchased in advance: After 6:00 p.m. it will not be possible to opt for a refund. If the user of the tickets has not communicated, before the concert, the delay or impossibility of attendance: these may be assigned to another user after 6:05 p.m.
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