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Modern Portrait Competition

ModPortrait 2023

Galería Artelibre in collaboration with the Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes announces ModPortrait, the painting competition in the portrait mode, endowed with a First Prize of 10,000 euros and a special drawing prize of 4,000 euros. The Barcelona Academy of Art establishes 2 Workshops of one-week duration each. establishes two prizes of 2,000.- euros for the purchase of material and the Special «Xi Portrait Award» of €2,000 sponsored by Beijing Xixi Culture Co. Ltd.

The Artelibre Gallery and the Arts and Artists Foundation seek to promote and disseminate Figurative Art. The main task will be to encourage artistic initiatives and sponsors.


1.- Participation is open to all artists.

2.- Several works are accepted per author. These must be original and the exclusive property of the artist. The artworks must be original and the exclusive property of the artist.

3.- The exclusive theme is the PORTRAIT, always in the Figurative Art mode. Technical skill and originality of the subject will be valued.

4.- Presentation

The minimum dimensions are 40x40 cm and the maximum dimensions are 150x150 cm. Dimensions that are less than 40 cm or more than 150 cm will be accepted provided that the sum of width by height is not less than 80 cm nor more than 300 cm. The work must be presented without framing or, alternatively, with a simple strip. Works protected by glass are not allowed (if necessary, please use methacrylate).

5.- How to participate

  • Registration open from October 1st to December 31st 2022 (non-extendable), solely and exclusively through the websites: and
  • Fill in the form with complete artist and work data.
  • Attach the image of the work (file dimensions min. 1.5 and max. 6 megabytes)
  • Make the payment of 48 euros as registration for each of the works.
  • You can submit as many works as you wish, by filling in one form per work.

5.3 Assessment

An internal jury will make a first pre-selection of the works. From January 2nd to 31st 2023, all information will be sent to the jury in order to make a second and third pre-selection via image. The result of these evaluations via image will not be conclusive, it is necessary to send the work to be eligible for Selection, Honorable Mentions and Awards.

Click on Contest Rules to read the complete rules of the contest.

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